Fowl play claimed by Turkeys!

Fowl play claimed by Turkeys! - Boutique Wine and Champagne

One’s thoughts have to go out to turkeys at this time of year.

No sooner have they just finished participating in Thanksgiving not just in the

USA, but also Canada, Grenada, St Lucia, Liberia, Brazil not to mention Norfolk

Island then they are confronted by the prospect of Christmas.

As we all know, turkeys do not vote for Christmas! Good thing too, as

Christmas is celebrated by some 160 countries. Lobby groups, some believe,

instigated by different types of fowl have resulted in some countries

substituting other forms of protein instead of these birds.

Nevertheless, it is quite understandable that turkeys are wary of humans.

Anyway, if you are thinking of having turkey for Christmas, Pinot Noir could be

the ideal accompaniment. At we have an

excellent range of Pinots to suit all tastes and budgets.

From the same area responsible for Champagne in France we have a red

Coteaux Champenois, no bubbles just tones of cherry, elderberry and liquorice,

and it will not break the budget.

We also have selected Pinots from the Hunter and the Yarra. The wines from

the Yarra in particular have Outstanding ratings from Halliday.

So please go ahead and spoil yourselves.

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