The Adventure of Discovering Boutique Vineyards

The Adventure of Discovering Boutique Vineyards - Boutique Wine and Champagne

If you go in search of boutique Vineyards and their winemakers, you will often discover some amazing characters with plenty of stories and pearls of wisdom. When you first walk into one of their tasting rooms, you are often met with an air of suspicion. After all, you are generally in your own company when they are used to groups of people with a little less of a serious air. Some can grow a little more suspicious as you tell them that you operate an online website that sells Boutique Wines and Champagne - They are after all used to dealing with suppliers that prefer to drive the cost of a bottle down rather than seek different and great tasting wines to offer their customers.

But when you sit down, share a glass of their wine and explain your company's vision to bring boutique, unique and most importantly amazing tasting wines to your customers; a whole new world opens up and you hear great stories and insights into the world of Boutique Wine making. We are delighted to have partnered with several new vineyards recently and in coming weeks we will bring you in depth information about each one and some of the stories gathered.

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Wine of the Week

When Peter from Pierre's WIne passed across a glass of his Rosé with the words, this is not your typical Rosé he was right. A strong tasting and darker coloured rosé then the traditional provencal rosé in vogue now. Whilst we enjoy those too, this is different. Made from Pinot Noir and Shiraz grapes it is still light in body and has all the elements of a traditional rosé with a longer palette. Certainly one to try if you are looking for a Rosé that tastes like none other you have experienced before and is delicious.. After all, Peter said that he had made the Rosé exactly how he wanted the rosé to taste and for that we commend him and recommend you try the wine. Perfect for the coming summer days.

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Instagram and Facebook post Winer

Congratulations to Ashley Pienaar for her instagram story which won a bottle of our Block Eight Chardonnay

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed seeing you drinking our Cuvee Angelique Champagne with your friends

Post pictures of our Boutique Wines and Champagnes on your facebook and Instagram posts. Each month we will pick our favourite and the winner gets a bottle of Boutique Wine.

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