The Benefits of Drinking Clean and Organic Wines

The Benefits of Drinking Clean and Organic Wines - Boutique Wine and Champagne

Clean Wines, Organic Wines, and Mushroom Reishi Shiraz. These three types of wines have health benefits. Why are they beneficial to health? Do they taste good? This article analyses each type to ascertain their origins, where they can be bought, their flavours and their health benefits.

Are organic wines better, or simply another taste, palate and health option? The vast majority of wines are not organic, but many people today prefer all their food and wine to meet this standard. Therefore some winemakers have changed the way they grow their grapes, and make their wines, to offer choice in this market.

To be certified organic, the wine must be free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Each country actually has its own certification process for organic wines. There are some variations, but generally, an organic wine will have the following features:

● It will be free from artificial fertilizers and chemical pesticides.

● It will not be genetically modified.

● The land used to grow the grapes will have been free from artificial fertilizers and chemical pesticides for a required amount of years.

● It will contain fewer sulphites and no artificial additives.

● The above factors will be certified and inspected by site visits.

For many people, choosing organic wines is not a matter of taste, or because it´s fashionable. Clean organic wines can have health benefits, especially for those who suffer from allergies or intolerance to sulphites.

For the vast majority, the amount of sulphites in wine has no ill effects on the body. However, sulphur dioxide (SO2), can produce unpleasant symptoms in those with allergies or intolerance to sulphites.

Symptoms such as rashes, hives, cramps and blotchy skin, can make life unpleasant for keen wine drinkers whose bodies are allergic to SO2. Also, wine drinkers who have severe asthma or lack the enzymes needed to break down sulphites in their bodies, definitely need to choose organic wines.

Organic wines are also better for our environment. They are natural, sustainable and eco-friendly because of the elimination of chemicals and artificial fertilizers. This means that our groundwater and other waterways will be less polluted.

To buy organic wine easily, you can purchase online a selection of very fine organic Australian and French wines from Boutique Wine & Champagne.

Use the ¨Filter by¨ drop-down menu to choose ¨Organic¨, in the red or white wine categories.

Our new organic white wines include a delightful SEMILLON 2020 MACQUARIEDALE ORGANIC WINE and MARTY'S VERDEHLO 2020 - ORGANIC. Both are from Macquariedale Organic Wines, who describe their vineyard as, ¨biodynamic, low preservative, vegan-friendly, natural wines.

At Macquariedale Organic Wines, they follow a passion for natural winemaking. They specialise in converting small parcels of grapes into the most delicious natural wines available in Australia.

We also have two red wines from the same company; the MATTHEW MERLOT 2019 - ORGANIC and the THOMAS SHIRAZ 2019 - ORGANIC.

Bordeaux wine is famous all over the world, so it’s a great pleasure for Boutique Wine & Champagne to be stocking a most palatable wine from Bordeaux that happens to be organic. COTES DE BORDEAUX 2015 ORGANIC – CHATEAU OGIER DE GOURGUE.

This particular vineyard is found in the Côtes de Bordeaux region, on the right bank of the Garonne River. You can check out their website and view images of the castle and the beautiful terroir in which the grapes are grown. As well as learn about the skill and passion that has been invested in their wines.

The vineyard has published the opinions of the wine critics, so you can see what the experts think of this wonderful clean wine from Bordeaux.

Their website reports that Yves Beck from Switzerland and James Suckling from the USA, who are famous wine specialists, tasted their 2015 CHATEAU OGIER DE GOURGUE. Yves Beck commented ...¨Dense garnet red. Bouquet of good intensity, with fruity and spicy notes.

Delicious, refreshing attack. On the palate, the wine is pleasant, balanced and juicy. Slightly creamy, the wine has structure and well-integrated tannins. Fruity finish. (drink) Now -(until) 2024 88/100¨.

James Suckling’s expert opinion was...¨Very fresh currants on the nose with some watermelon and freshly cut flowers. Full body, round and velvety tannins and a flavorful finish. Polished, velvety texture. Made from organically grown grapes. Drink in 2020.¨

So if you wish to partake of this excellent clean organic wine from Bordeaux, you can order online, for fast delivery from Boutique Wine & Champagne.

These three words are not usually found together, however in the case of this latest arrival, not only do they go together, but they do so in perfect harmony. The 2018 REISHI MUSHROOM SHIRAZ  is handcrafted by Domain de Binet and  Dan Binet from the Ballabourneen Estate and made from grapes grown in the Hunter Valley NSW, at Block Eight Winery.

According to the notes from Block Eight, the Reishi Mushroom Shiraz 2018, is a ¨...delicious and unique wine (that) has been matured in French oak barrels.  Featuring the boldness you’d expect of a Hunter Shiraz, with textures of wild forest fruits and silky savoury tannins – it has a finish lifted by sour blackberries.

Beautifully complementing this, is a soft underlying note of earthiness from the Reishi mushrooms imparted into the wine during barrel fermentation which immediately fills you with warmth and a sense of wellbeing.¨

It is an interesting concept, to be using any kind of mushroom in wine-making. Reishi mushrooms have been used medicinally for centuries, to treat infections. They are believed to have quite startling health benefits and are now used to treat diseases of the respiratory system and some types of cancer.

They work by enhancing the immune system and help to reduce stress and fatigue, as well as improving sleep.

Reishi mushroom health benefits also include relief from problems associated with:

● Hypertension

● Elevated cholesterol levels

● Cardiovascular disease

● Liver disease

● Kidney disease

● Respiratory diseases

● Viral infections


● Cancer

● Relief from the effects of chemotherapy

● Relief from the pain of shingles

● Increasing stamina after illness

● Fatigue

Thus you can combine the health benefits of Reishi mushrooms with the known health benefits of drinking red wine in moderation. It seems that the Reishi Mushroom Shiraz is a perfect combination. You can order this delectable and satisfying wine with speedy delivery from Boutique Wine & Champagne.

Drinking wine is an enjoyable experience. Drinking the types of wine that delivers health benefits is something more enjoyable. Why not enjoy the best of both worlds? Visit Boutique Wine and Champagne today to experience organic and clean wines. Or, try the REISHI MUSHROOM SHIRAZ.

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