Vagnoni Chianti Organic & Involtini

Vagnoni Chianti Organic & Involtini - Boutique Wine and Champagne

We recently introduced the Vagnoni Chianti Colli Senesi Organic Wine 2018 and stated that a great pairing with involtini. Several of you have asked about involtini and for a recipe.

The Wine:

Vagnoni Chianti Colli Senesi Organic Wine 2018

TASTING NOTE An organic Chianti, ruby red in colour with a dry finish and fine-grained tannins from Tuscany, Italy. Hints of flowers, candy fruit, cherry, blackberry, violets and spice. Decanter to allow the wine to display its beautiful elegance. Packed with flavour, this wine makes a statement at any occasion.

The Vineyard

$36 a bottle

Involtini and the Recipe

What is Involtini?

Involtini, otherwise known as Rollatini, is an Italian dish that is usually made with thin slices of eggplant, which are dusted in wheat flour or lightly breaded and covered with a tomato base, cheeses and seasonings. They are rolled up upon themselves and baked. Variations can be made with veal and chicken.


1 Eggplant/Aubergine

Olive Oil

1 Onion

1 Egg


Tomato Sauce

Ricotta Cheese



Mozzarella Cheese



1) Thinly slice the Aubergine Lengthways and trim into rectangles. Set rectangle pieces aside. Chop trimmed off pieces of Eggplant and put aside 1.5 cups worth.

2) .Fry onion, chopped eggplant in 1.5 cups of tomato Sauce for 10 minutes.

3) Bake rectangle Aubergine pieces in oiled baking tray at 200 degrees for 8 minutes

4) Stir egg, spinach, ricotta, garlic, salt, and 1 cup of the mozzarella in a bowl

5) Cover a baking dish with tomato sauce and place the. Place eggplant rectangles on a flat surface; spoon about 1 1/2 tablespoons spinach-ricotta mixture onto one end of each one and then roll up it toward the opposite end. Place the eggplant rolls, seam side down, on top of the tomato sauce in the baking dish. Spoon the fried onion and tomato sauce over the and sprinkle with mozzarella.

6) Place foil over the baking tray and place in the oven at 200 degrees for 45 minutes. Remove foil and bake for a further 10 minutes. Remove from oven and sprinkle with Basil

7) Serve the Involtinis with a glass of Vagnoni Chianti Colli Senesi Organic Wine 2018

We hope you enjoy this recipe and the matched wine.

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